masn2 HD

I live in AA county and we only get MASN in HD not MASN2 HD   Why?

Re: masn2 HD
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We've been asking for MASN2 HD for well over a year now. Last July, Verizon boasted about adding MASN2 HD games on FiOS1 HD. Unfortunately, this was only for areas around Washington that had FiOS1, like your neighbors in Montgomery County. No one knows why Verizon insists on splitting games, showing them on FiOS1 in some areas and requiring stand-alone channels in others.

The recent launch of CSN+ HD on channel 575 gives me hope that we'll have MASN2 HD by the start of the season. I've also heard rumors from reliable sources that that MASN2 HD is scheduled to launch by the beginning of the season. As with anything else Verizon does, I'll believe it when I see it.