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why did you change the interface with regards to the guide and recorded show playback?  you've now added 3-4 steps to delete a program after watching.  i just cant hit 'stop' and then the pop up interface to save-delete-play.  now i have to stop, go into the dvd listing, select the title and hit that tiny c button

also, when searching in the guide i can no longer hit OKto jump to the highlighted program or click record from the search.  Now you make me remember what day/time/channel the program is on and manually go to that spot and then hit record.  GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS JUST LAST WEEK!  This new method sucks!    

for past few years everytime you make a change to the guilde interface its worse than it was before.

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Community Leader

What model stb do you have?

I have quantum and at a minimum I can hit stop during playback and be able to delete directly.

Plus I haven't heard of updates for any other models currently.