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Please restore the old program guide....or give user option to use the old guide.  The new guide is too busy, fonts too large, and background is flat with less contrast than the previous guide.  Appearance looks like comcast, which was one of purchasing decision for choosing FIOS in the first place.  Suggest market testing this change, because this is a failure.

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I agree.  Posted my problems already.  I also would like the old one back.  Cannot read this one. 

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New Guide stinks.  Less info per screen and I can't use the ">" key to check programs many days ahead because while the ">" key is depressed I have no idea of how far the timeframe has advanced.  Very annoying!  This LOOKS like something TV.GUIDE would put out. -  PLEASE, Verizon - bring back the OLD Guide! 


Obviously all of you can complain all you want. But my bet is that there is probably a 0.000001% chance that Verizon is going to go back to the old IMG. Most of the country already has it. Yes, there are some complaints as each new area gets it, but generally they only last a few days.....

You have what you are going to get, so you need to accept it and move on. If you have older 6xxx or 2500 STBs, well, you simply need to get Verizon to provide you with newer STBs, those old boxes simply do not have the computing power and storage to work effectively with the new IMG. If you have newer 7xxx STBs, then it should work just fine, although you may need to adjust some of the settings to fit your preferences.

I have had the new level for several months, I have current STBs, and I think it is just great, a hugh improvement over the 1.8 level.

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That's right everybody, just take what you're given and continue to pay without complaint.

If only all those Netflix subscribers had listed to your advice they could today have the joy of logging onto two different websites to get their movies.  

Obviously I don't care for the new guide either.  It seems to be less efficient  (shows fewer channels at a time) and when you return to the main TV after selecting a channel it takes up more screen space hiding the actual program you wanted to watch.  And since I now get static instead of a reasonably pleasant Verizon screen saver when I turn off the box, I'd say its an all around poorer substitution.  So why shouldn't people make their opinion about what is basically a reduction in service known?  Verizon may or may not do anything about it, but at least I'll be able to take into consideration their response to my comments when it comes time to renew subscriptions.  

You keep enjoying whatever people deem to give you in life though.


Totally agree with all of the negative comments. Surely the guide can be upgraded for functionality without changing the classic look. WAKE UP VERIZON
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If Verizon doesn't listen I suggest people protest with their wallets. I'm going shopping this weekend to see what other DVR choices I have. I will also be canceling the DVR and two other non-HD boxes I have by the end of the month, including the home media option. I only have one HDTV anyway, and still have two of the "free" $5 no guide boxes I got when Verizon removed the analog signal. If I have to order another $5 "cable card" for the new non-FiOS DVR Verizon will still be loosing money. The new DVR will have it's own guide service, and I have Netflix on my XBox so I don't bother with FiOS PPV anyway. The customer isn't always right, but when there are this many complaints about a change somebody needs to listen...

Update: Checked out the TiVo website and the $99 DVR does everything the FiOS unit does and more. I think I'm going to opt for the $500 Elite and a $4 cable card for 300 hours of HD recording off of 4 tuners! My monthly FiOS bill will be at least $80 less a month which will more than pay for the TiVo service. Sorry Verizon, changes for the worse have their consequences.


When I first saw the new guide I was shocked at how horrible it is. I hate it!!! I was relieved to see the other negative comments about the guide. So it's not just me.  I agree with all of them!!!  Dirty trick to play on your customers, Verizon.

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Agreed! The biggest complaint is that there is not enough contrast to be able to read the busy screen at a reasonable distance. In addition, I am also having problems with audio cutting in and out ever since the new guide was installed.