paying for things I don't want
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I called support to help reduce my bill - first topic - try to upsell me on more bandwidth. once I get past the attempts to sell me more stuff - the rep finally agrees to look into my bill.  My position - I want, and am willing to pay for - all the commercial stations plus TCM.  I do not want sports I do not want ANY premium channels.  bottom line - I want TV I can put on for my family. but, in order to get two Hallmark channels - I have to pay for a bunch of dirty movies on starz, epic, showtime and the rest -

the technology exists, and Verizon has it - to set my set top box for ONLY the channels I want - yet I have to pay for a bunch of junk I refuse to allow displayed in my home.

Their answer - just don't watch them. - my position - I don't want my money to go to supporting them.

I hate Verizon -

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I have a channel lineup from July 2018 and Preferred HD Package has both Hallmarks and Turner Classic Movies are in the package. 

Custom TV Action and Entertainment also has those channels. 

Just change your package to one of those lineups and your also not required to have Starz, Epics, Showtime or any other Premium channels.

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This is common amongst cable providers.

It all falls back on the content providers.

Their contracts govern which tiers different channels must be carried.

Verizon tried a few years ago to be more a la carte, but were sued by ESPN and lost.

They do have custom packages so you can reduce your channels, but not pick the ones you want.

Keep in mind, true a la carte may not be as cheap as people think.
Content providers are paid by the number of subscribers that can see a channel whether they watch or not.

So if a channel is available to say 80% of subscriers, the cost per subscriber can be lower than if only say 10% really watch it.