poor service response times
My entire system has crashed, no tv, no telephone and no internet! The power supply for the fios equipment has failed, and I have to wait two days for a service call that will only take 5 minutes to fix! **bleep**! Thank God my commitment is over and my Direct Tv dish is still up! Thanks for nothing! !!
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Re: poor service response times

That the hallmark of Verizon.

A Verizon service tech came out to my neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon and was working on the main fiber distro box and UNPLUGED my line when he was doing what ever it was he was supposed to be doing (he should have messed with me at all).  I know this because I was walking my dogs and walked past him as he was opening the box and playing with the mess of yellow fiber lines, unpluging and pluging back in (which he shouldn't have been doing at all).

He left at about 4pm and I discovered the loss of service about 15-30 minutes later.  NO PHONE, NO TV, NO INTERNET!

I was on my cell phone on hold for 30 minutes before getting a tech wasted about an hour going through their "standard troubleshooting checklist" having me unplug the battery to reset the box etc... finally he realized what I was saying that the service tech effected my fiber connection/service, but couldn't get the tech back out since he had gone home!!!!!

The earliest they could schedule a tech to come out and fix it was late Monday evening to reconnect my service at the distro box.  The tech asked where my ONT box was at and I gave him detailed information about where it was at and how to get to it, since he said he had no idea when the tech would be out and they they wouldn't need to enter the house.  I wasn't happy spending the weekend with no TV, no Phone, no Internet, but really didn't have a choice.

Monday comes and I get a text message saying the tech came and left because no one was at home (my roommate was at home but the tech didn't ring the doorbell to get his attention upstairs).  He didn't even check the connection at the distro box (which was the only problem) and was clearly written up in the tech order.  I call VZ from my cell phone and was on hold for almost an hour before I finally got to talk to a human who proceeded to tell me I should have been home and it was my fault. and that I'd have to wait until Thursday before they could get a tech out.  

I lost it and demanded to speak to his supervisor and waited another 45 minutes before the supervisor finally got on the phone with me and after 15 minute discussion he was able to get a tech scheduled to come out the next day (Tuesday).  

The tech came out and spent a whole 10 minutes on site and all he did was plug the fiber for my house back into the distro panel.  

Oh and VZ made me call separately to customer service to get a billing adjustment for the days I didn't have FIOS service and it was like pulling teeth and all they offered was an adjustment for the 3 days of service that was interrupted.   When I got the bill I saw they only it applied it to the bare basic services and charged me full price for all the premium movie services even though they weren't available.  

VZ still hasn't a clue about customer service.    They had the chance to fix it by sendng the tech back out to fix his error that night, and ending it with no issue.  But no, they dragged it out and got all typical VZ "we can't attitude" and inconvienced me for 4 days and I had to burn up several hours of my cell minutes to be on hold and fight with VZ to get them to fix their problem, and they talk to me like they are doing me a BIG favor by crediting me the prorated charge for the days they interrupted my FIOS service...  

I was bragging about my FIOS service to my friends and co-workers, but after the HORRIBLE experience, I recommend everyone to stick with cable and pass on FIOS, since you can't trust the service.  If you can get Dish or DirecTV then go for it.