"Frre" HOBO & MAX this weekend 7/6/2018
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I have tried watching a HBO and MAX channel.  The drop outs, sound interuptions, blank screens and whit flashes are worst than OTA TV  during a lightening storm.

I quit Comcast because of dropouts and blue screens, FIOS is different and worst!!

You think I would spend more money for this crappy service??

Can't wait for my contract to be up, or when I am offered a new service.

The othe TV channels are the same, the suck!

Re: "Frre" HOBO & MAX this weekend 7/6/2018
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Community Leader

What model stb?
Do you have more than 1?

If so, does it happen on all?

Have you checked to make sure coax connections are tight?
Start at ont and work your way to each tv.