"Set Top Box Not Responding"
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I get this message a lot when I'm trying to record shows from the computer or check my recorded shows/scheduled recordings. I just have to keep coming back and trying again until it finally starts working. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and if there's a way to fix it when it happens?



Re: "Set Top Box Not Responding"
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Others have similar problems.  A few things to try:  when you're home, disconnect the power cable to the DVR, then wait a minute or two and plug back in.  This causes the STB to reboot and re-contact the router/modem, thus re-establishing the connection.  The next step to try is powering down the modem/router, waiting, and bringing it back up.  I personally don't like this option, as there can be issues with what is known as DHCP.  It can take some time for your previous DHCP to be updated to the new one, and this causes your internet to be down until the router and Verizon's servers ultimately re-connect.  You might want to try this option with Verizon support on the phone, as they can clear and renew the DHCP for you.  (You can do it yourself before you power the modem, but you need to know where to look on the ActionTec router's pages.)  Calling Verizon if powering down the DVR and bringing it back up is not a bad idea, as there are some Internet backbone changes that Verizon can make on their side of things which occasionally helps.

I have had a similar challenge, and ultimately solved it by getting a newer router.  My comments and the specifics to the issues I experienced are listed in another Forum: FIOS TV Technical Assistance.