recording a series

I just got FIOS.

How do I record a TV series without having to find it in the guide?

By the time I find it, I've missed it.

I can search and find a show, but there's no option to record it.

Help !

Re: recording a series
Community Leader
Community Leader

After you search for the show the will be 2 tabs in middle of the screen. "On Demand" and "On Live TV". Hit right arrow to go to Live TV and there will be a list of channels and times that show is on. Make sure you select the HD channel as it will show SD as well. Once you click on the show you want you will see some options such as "Tune to Channel","Record Episode" and "Record Seriers". 

I always choose "Record Series with Options" so I can set to do First run only so no repeats will record.