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hello people- I just got an HD TV for my small den. But my box is SD - no HDMI port- so I checked my bill-- I see that I am being charged for one HD DVR box and 2 HD regular boxes-- BUT I have a third box- that is SD - not HD-- If I call verizon and mention that I want to change that SD box to an HD box-- am I screwing myself- and will end up being charged another $8.99 per month by doing so--- or should I just leave well enough alone and just return the smll new TV that I bought( the old one works fine- just thought I would get a sale for the holidays- but this may backfire on me??)

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Check what deals they have.

At times they deals for bundled numbers of STBs.

Is the SD box digital adapter (small box with no display or guide).
Those have been given out for free.

You can also connect TV direct to cable to get local channels in HD if new TV has a qam tuner.