still 1.6.0, when 1.6.x?
I have had 1.6.0 since I started with Verizon last November. Since then, I sometimes asked about the picture quality on non HD channels (too blurred) and was told that because 1.6.0 makes pictures too soft and that the problem was known and that 1.6.0 would soon be replaced with newer versions, say 1.6.1 or 1.6.x, hopefully by the end of 2008 or if not, early 2009. But so far nothing comes. Can anybody of Verizon team tell me what's going on and what should I expect. To be honest, I would say that the picture quality on Verizon's non HDs are far worse than that of Cox or Comcast. Thanks.
Re: still 1.6.0, when 1.6.x?
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Posted a few posts down from this one...remaining schedule for 1.6.2