terrible hd on demand...the last time

i just ordered hot tub time machine which was hilarious, unfortunately the hd sucked.  there was at least ONE point every 5 minutes that there was some pixelation or skippage of some sort.  i love the idea of watching hd movies on demand but this will be the last time.  i'd rather give my money to more business savvy services like red box instead of being disappointed again by verizon.  if it wasnt for the 25mb down and 15mb up there would be no reason to have the tv service.  why don't i call and ask for a refund you ask...because its a waste of my time to try and figure out which 3rd tier automated service to select then maybe a person can actually help me then wait on hold and then finally figure out that i dont have verizon phone number....god help you if you dont!

i can't wait until all tv is internet based and tv service is a mere commodity and conduit for the entertainment that people can choose what they want.

also note that when i add message tags: on demand, hd poor quality, pixelation, on demand, skip ....it makes me remove it because its not permitted.

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Re: terrible hd on demand...the last time

Try VOD for a tag. It works. Some words are restricted because they are common and would cause the post to come up in almost every search, even when it was not related to the content search.

Re: terrible hd on demand...the last time
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I tried these steps and the problem resolved itself. Thanks to user Hubrisnxs !!

reset the router.  use the on/off switch in the back.  turn it off for about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.  wait for the internet light to come back, and then go to the on demand and try it again.

-- This in itself did not work... but when I took the next step -- success..

if it still pixelates, then hit the STB auto correct.   you do that on the TV/Fios menu.  so you hit menu / customer support / in home agent / stb auto correct (set top box)

-- Total clarity now. !!! Smiley Happy

if it still doesn't work properly, then you might have a cabling issue.  if you're comfortable working with tv cables, then all you're doing is unhooking the router coax, and rehooking it back in nice and secure (do it at both the router and the wall/splitter) and doing the same thing at the STB that is having problems,   unhook the coax from the back of the STB (cable box) and rehook it back and do the same at the wall/splitter for that box.

otherwise give a call to Verizon  800 - VERIZON or open a chat support.     Tell them the steps you did