the audio on my tv is not working although on dvd I have audio

My Tv works fine while using a dvd.  I have video but no audio for any TV channels

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Can you provide more info?

What model stb do you have?

How is it connected to TV? What port on TV?

Under settings is stb volume fixed or variable?

What level is it set for?

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Revised to correct VMS/IP

Possibility that your TV does not support Dolby Digital.  If so the STB must be changed to output PCM only.  

Settings on newer (VMS and IP) boxes, press and hold D button for about 10 seconds and hidden menu is Displayed.  Navigate to user settings, HDMI additional settings.  left or right to change setting to L-PCM

For older boxes (at least the 7xxx and 6xxx) you need to reach the hidden menus

  1. From on, power off just the STB.  Usually best to do this at the STB as you want the TV to remain on.
  2. Hit OK on the remote
  3. Hit Menu on the remote
  4. Head to the HDMI menu and set L-PCM

Note this is all timing dependent so you may have to try a  few times.   Note if you hit OK in the third step a different hidden diagnostic menu shows up.

I never had the CISCO boxes.  I think someone said you could reach the settings from the regular menus, but not positive.