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I have a tv picture problem verizon wont help me with...recently changed batteries in my remote. took to long & had to reset the problem, followed directions all went well....but I noticed a problem with my tv picture...1/2 the channels have a small black frame around them & the other 1/2 have a large black bar top & bottom like watching a movie in wide screen....then I noticed the same thing on my upstairs tv which i hadnt touched....I have fios tv extreme hd package but I do not have hd tv''s are 10yrs old....verizon said problem with tv & suggested I look in manual to correct picture is old doesnt have capability to adj picture size, also that option is not available on my remote & box top is not for hd....also why would this effect my upstairs tv?....verizon said sorry cant i'm stuck with screwed up pictures on both tv's....I have touched nothing except the remote batteries & reset it...anybody have any suggestions? would greatly appreciate it...thanks

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Hey Maddie I want to look over the techs notes and all troubleshooting done. Ive sent you a PM so I can get your account info. Thanks!