where can I find a searchable Fios TV guide online?

I am a new customer that does not want to watch hours of video to try to find out how to do a simple function. 

Where is there an online guide that explains how to do functions like view chapter thumbnails or increase the fast forward speed when you are watching a movie?  Twice, it has put me back to the beginning of a movie after I've watched 1/2 of the movie, and when I've tried to find information on how to do the chapter preview.. or even how to fast forward faster than 2x, the search of verizon support finds nothing on "chapter" or  it finds 100s of returns on "fios tv fast forward" - none of which pertain to this question.

I would also like to find out how to be able to increase the Pause function.  I can't find the answer to any of these questions on the tv guide help functions, or on this site, or on the written remote guide.  the written remote guide seems to be mostly about the initial setup and how to put in the code for your tv.

I also do not want to wade through 100s of post to find an answer.

It is very frustrating..  isn't there a searchable guide to answer these questions?


Re: where can I find a searchable Fios TV guide online?
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