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So we recently bought a house and the previous owner I know for fact had almost every room wired and working with coax cable (no ethernet). (Several tv's were on during inspection).

She had Verizon Fios and I purchased the same thing when I bought the house.

The problem is that my roommate thought he was cleaning stuff up and he disconnected and misplaced the the  Moca amplifier and splitter.

I purchased a new combined unit: Moca amplifier and splitter model PCT-VC-F19A, bypass amplifier with intergrated Moca filter.

I don't know exactly how the old splitter was connected so in truth I just connected the wires the best i could figure.

In one configuration I had data to my TV box and could view the TV guide, but I had no streaming video content.  I switched a couple of coax wires around and now I have TV streaming, but no data.

My router is the f105-IA95x it only has the one coax connect going into it and no ethernet or 2nd coax going out.

I use wifi for connectivity for my laptop and thats working fine.

I have been trying to read and understand how the TV box gets video and TV guide. How is it possible that it's only getting 1 or the other? If I could get a better understanding of how these data streams are merged then perhaps I can figure out my problem.

I have rebooted several times and the TV box continues to say no Lan connection and I have no TV guide, but I can flip thru all my channels and they are coming in just fine.

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If you have ethernet from ONT to rotuer, then coax from ONT only provides TV signal.

Router then takes Internet and redistributes via coax to STBs.

So Coax from ONT needs to connect to splitter input.

Coax out from router needs to conenct to one leg of the splitter.

Then TV(s) need to have their coax connected to output of spltiter as well.

Not sure exactly how each device should be connected to this device.

But you shouldn't need an amplifier in most cases.

Try a splitter only. Can buy one at local big box store. Make sure it is 2Ghz bi-directional.

Hope this helps.

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