yankee game on FS1

After spending 10 minutes waiting for a customer service or tech person to get on the phone i finally gave up. Trying to watch the yankee game on FS 1 tonight 4/28/2018 was rediculous. Pixilated picture sucks. Customres should be refunded for this picture. This crap often happens on many of my channels. This services really sucks. As soon as I can i will switch to another service that will also suck. Yes I've had them all and now Verison fits that description too. I pay 200 a month and get survice that sucks and nothing will be done about it. And I'm just another disappointed custoner of the millions Verison has so nothing will be done about it. 

Re: yankee game on FS1
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.