your cable boxes are terrible!
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I've been with fios as soon as it was available I'm my area. I have had Verizon fios TV for over 3 years. Before that i was with directv since 2005. Without any shadow of a doubt, directv's tv boxes put Verizon's to shame. Verizon should be embarrassed to have their name on such a terrible product. When you turn the TV on and press the guide button, nothing happens. Then after pressing it a couple times a stupid add comes up about some movies after a flicking screen. The dvr playback is horrible when using the rewind and ff buttons, and regularly crashes the box. When you order a ppv event it only comes on the TV you order it on. DirecTV ppv orders will automatically come on all boxes you own. Sometimes the box freezes up if you press too many buttons it regularly crashes and has to reboot. This has never happened on a DirecTV box. Now my guide keeps saying updating on all the channels and i have to reboot again. This isn't just one box. I have problems with all 5 i own. Overall having experience with stb, hd, hd dvr boxes compared to DirecTV, Verizon boxes are a joke. If i didn't get internet from fios, i would have never gotten such a terrible product.