Gizmo watch step counter doesn't function properly

We've had my son's watch for two weeks.  The step counter does not work consistently, frequently says zero steps, or quits working mid-day.  He really likes this feature, so we've discovered that powering off and back on usually resets it.  Unfortunately, that doesn't last, and because he knows that rebooting will get his step counter working again, he does this several times throughout the day.   This means I get alerted multiple times during the day that he is not at school, then back at school, then not at school.  It defeats the purpose of him wearing the watch at all - how would I ever know if one of these alerts were legitimate?  It's like the watch that cried wolf.  I'm hoping this issue can be resolved.  I think it should be a convenient communication device that works in the background of his daily routine and provides a measure of safety when he is not at home.  Instead, it is a distraction and source of frustration for us both. 

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Customer Service Rep

HuntFam, we understand the importance of making sure your son's Gizmowatch is working correctly. We appreciate the steps you have taken in your efforts to resolve this matter.


We would recommend that you process a Factory Data reset on this device and retest. 


Please follow the link below to view the steps on how to do so.