Lousy customer service
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As usual, I can't  find the proper option for my remarks, there are several issues all connected:




I have / HAD and appt for my galaxy watch 4 on wed 9/15, I got a call at noonish today that it was cancelled due to them closing the store, FIRST I resent that I was not informed if covid was the reason for closing the store that I could not go get tested to see if I was exposed, I guess you all do NOT care about your customers getting or passing on covid ! ! ! Fortunately I got my vaccines in Mar, but I’d rather NOT pass any germs / virus to others, unlike some fools;

I need to set up an appt with another store, but for some STUPID REASON YOU ALL PUBLISH A “LOCAL TN” BUT I AM UNABLE TO SPEAK DIRECTLY TO ANYONE IN THE STORE ! ! !

I am trying to GIVE YOU ALL MORE $$$$, by upgrading the galaxy watch 4 to the galaxy watch 4 classic 46mm, but I need to be sure it is in the store so I don’t need to make the 25+ mile trip to another store that doesn’t have it

I was speaking to a representative about 1pmish I to,d her I needed to help a visitor and would be right back, she was trying to figure out how to get this to work, when I got back to the phone the call was DROPPED, NOW IM CANT GET ANYONE TO RESPOND AND IM FORCED TO,USE THIS METHOD TO RESOLVE MY QUEST ! ! ! !

I have spent  over 6+ hours trying to get SOMEONE to fix this.  The chat people claim they can NOT see my texts on messenger,  which were the ones written above,  but they can see my answers when they ask what the problem is, but NOT the actual problem; then I tried on the my Verizon app, again I am unable to copy paste fir them to see, the screen just spins and spins, I'm FED UP WITH THIS GARBAGE, I HATE TO CALL verizon as much as I did directv and I DUMPED THEM !

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