Need to escalate issue with xbox accessory order

On July 28 I placed an order for an xbox X all access, which was the day the product was released on Verizon.  Today, 8/27, my order still has not shipped.  I have called in multiple times and have been told that it is likely because there is not enough product available to ship the order.

Yesterday I spoke with a colleague that also ordered the xbox X, also on July 28, and they received theirs in 3 days.

After I placed my order I got an email that my Affirm financing (a requirement to use to buy the xbox all access was financing with Affirm) experienced a processing error and was not complete.  I called in and the verizon rep "pushed through the order" for me.  I am concerned that whatever happened has stalled the order out and that is why it is still not shipping a month later.

Every rep I have spoken to says there is nothing wrong with the order.  But they are also unable to verify any inventory levels or actually confirm there is a supply issue.  They are just guessing.

Now, a month after I placed my order, I am moving out of my home next Friday.  I called in to change the shipping address on my pending order and was told that is "impossible."  I had to cancel the order, and place a new one.  Fine, I relented and told them to go through with it.  It would not let them cancel the order, so they had to open an ITTS ticket.  It would be resolved in 24 hours.

It is now 2 days later and my order is still pending.  Can someone PLEASE look at my order and push it through?  If it ships by Tuesday I can still receive it at my current address.  Everyone I talk to is unable to assist.

I tried placing a new order and it says I have reached the limit on my account, only one xbox can be purchased per account.

Also, my Affirm payments have started.  So now I'm paying for something I don't even have.

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Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out to us, I am sorry for the issue you are having. No one wants to wait this long for something, and to pay for something that they don't yet have. I have sent you a private message to continue.