2 Year Contract

I am very disappointed with the interactions I have had with Verizon FIOS.  I have been a customer for 3 years, and have just renewed for 2 more years.  I have the cable, home phone, wifi bundle.  The price increased $30 a month but I receive no additional services.  I was disappointed about this and spoke to a customer representavice about it and said I was going to look into other options.  At that point, the customer service representative told me that because I am a public school teacher, I was eligible for a $10 a month discount.  I couldn't register online- so the rep took me through the process.  She used my school account and told me that I would receive an email explaining how to scan my ID to receive the discount.  She also said that as a three year loyal customer I would be eligible after a month to get another $10 a month discount.  I renewed my contract for two years expecting to get $20 off a month. Fast forward a month- I received my bill and there were no discounts.  I called FIOS and they told me I was not eligible for either and there was nothing to be done.  I was not eligible for the public employee discount, and there was nothing in my account about receiving a loyal customer discount.  I am so upset that I am locked into this two year contract.  I feel they pulled a bait and switch and that is horrible business practice.

Re: 2 Year Contract

Hi MO3,

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