$250 gift card, need number to report this as fraud
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I have been getting the run around since January regarding the $250 gift. I've spoken to reps who were indifferent, concerned, tried to be help, and one who basically called me a liar. Today the person I spoke to said that if I didn't get it then there was probably an issue with my account meaning that i wasn't paying on time or basically...a bad customer. I told him that I was dealing with moderators in the forum and he said that they had no power to do anything anyway so I have been wasting my time here. I'm not sure if that is true because I have seen some people get results. The man I just spoke to said that he would transfer me to someone in the promotions department but not to get my hopes up, hmm, kinda sounded like the kind who said I was a liar, going on to sat that they haven't had that offer in years and if they did he would know about it. Aren't these calls supposed to be recorded???  Anyway, I was connected to an automated number with recordings about prepaid cards and how to use them, etc. and had no way of connecting to a support agent. Once someone gave me a number of who to report this to because it is fraudulent and I can't find it. I also forget to mention that I also scanned and forwarded the message to Verizon which had the offer of what I would get after signing up with the $250 dollar gift card printed right there along with whole house DVR service. I never even received a cable box because I have Tivo but I said I could use a box for a second televion so I guess that they owe me a back year's worth of DVR service as well. I would like a refund for that.  I also forwarded this same letter to two different moderators last night. Then one asked for the initial email that I received when I joined and there were two that I gave him. I've kept them all. When I click the link on those letters I received last year they now offer a whole year of Amazon Prime along with an Echo for joining. I wonder if those peole are getting the same run around. Regardless, I have sent all the proof that I have saying that I was promised this gift card and they still will not send it. I am at the point where all I want now is to report them to the proper authority in matters such as these because I would think it would be illegal, or maybe something involving everyone who was offered this and never got it. Do any of you still have your letters or emails promising you this gift card?  Will someone PLEASE tell me who to report this to.

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Re: $250 gift card, need number to report this as fraud

Hi sushi,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents assisting you privately.