A tale of stupidity in the internet world

I thought I would share a story of two of my neighbors who signed up for Fios packages at around the same time I did. One took the double play at $79.99 plus tax, surcharges, and assorted fees. He seen the bill rise from around $100 up to $144 and then he noticed 5 of his tv stations were removed and when he called he was told Verizon does not carry those stations under his existing tv plan. 

In his bewilderment he said if you remove stations then you either reduce the price of the tv, or replace the stations you take away with replacement ones. Since his package included those stations. Now this is where it starts to get good.

on the phone the Verizon guy states he can have those stations back if he agrees to pay more. So he tells them if I had them originally in his tv lineup then Verizon had no right to remove them. And now wants to charge him more versus reducing the bill for taking them away.

needless to say he told the guy to terminate his service, which he did. At the same time he said you raise rates all the time but give less and less. So he said lower the price from $144 and he would continue with the service. Guy would not do it.

at same time my other neighbor has had Fios for around two years and his rate went from around $130 (I think triple play) to $196+ of which he to could not get a reduction so he ported out the number, and cancelled the internet & tv in which both called Spectrum and got the gigabyte service with TV

now here is the kicker, I was out to lunch with these gentlemen yesterday and they both showed me emails from Fios asking them to come back at around $80 each.

but the funny part is “why wouldn’t the guy on the phone at Verizon just give that pricing to them to SAVE a customer” totally stupid on the part of Verizon.

The amazing part I told them was I never have an issue being internet only, but now that gigabyte is available from Charter in my neighborhood I will simply hop over to them if I get any issues like they did. Like I said they had double/triple play I have internet only so that is probably why they had such high price increases.

verizon must start giving across the board stable pricing. If they want to remain viable in the future.