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Back in April of 2022, Verizon was running a promo that if you switched over to them, you would be eligible for a $400 gift card after 60 days of service (or two billing cycles).

I set up a Fios phone and internet package for our business and we were live with Verizon in mid-April, 2022. At that time I was told that a "Verizon Gift Card Registration/Status" link would be in our billing portal and that we could click the link to register for our gift card. This link never worked. Either nothing happened when I clicked on it or I would get a pop-up stating that "something went wrong, we are unable to process your request" and to call to register with a person.

I called and we were registered. I was told the card would arrive in 6-8 weeks. The card never arrived, so I called Verizon in August to inquire. At that time, I was told that Verizon was running behind due to overwhelming demand and had not yet released the info to the service center who handles the distribution of these cards, but we should see the card within 6 weeks.

The card did not arrive by the end of September so I called Verizon again. At that time I was told that they released the info to BlackHawk - the company they use for gift cards. I called that number and spoke with someone who said that the card was sent and we should have it by mid-October.

By mid-October we still had no card. I called BlackHawk again. This time I was told that they had no record of a card being issued under our business - but they did have one in my name (the person who set it up). I am not sure why, but that was fine, as long as the card was sent to our office it didn't matter whose name was on it. At this time, we were told that a card "ending in 2869" was sent and we should have it by the end of November.

Also at this time, completely frustrated and not believing BlackHawk, I called Verizon business and logged onto our business portal to live-chat with them. This was our only choice, since any rep we have spoken to during the process of setting up the account no longer answers their e-mails, or have left the company, or both. The customer service rep whom I chatted with said  "it is out of our hands" and that I need to call BlackHawk. Many excuses came from this chat, from we never registered for the card, we never activated it, etc. But in the end, she said the same as the other rep - that she can't help me.

The card that was supposed to arrive at the end of November never arrived. I called BlackHawk again in December and spoke to a rep named Claudia. She said they sent it and that the card was in my name but since we never activated the card it would now need to be re-issued. I replied that I can not activate a card we never received. She gave me a reference number and said the card would arrive in "7-10 business days."

Not surprisingly, the card did not arrive. As a side note, each time I have called BlackHawk, I am given a "reference number" which, if I had to guess, are just random numbers they give out. During my numerous calls to BlackHawk, when I give them a reference number from a prior call, nobody is able to locate any information associated with it.

I online chatted with a rep from a Verizon FB page who suggested I e-mail the escalation people at BlackHawk.  Well, that was over a week ago and guess what?  Still no response.  

I have spent many hours trying to get to the bottom of this, to no avail.  I am tired of Verizon and Blackhawk not accepting responsibility for a product that was promised to us.  This is false advertising at it's finest.

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Hi LauR3,

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