Absolute nighmare experience with Verizon customer service, issue still not resolved


I'm posting in this forum as a last resort before I just cancel my service all together.  Verizon customer service has been an absolute NIGHTMARE.  All the verizon representatives can do is apologize because everytime I call to follow up, they tell me everything is fine until it isn't.  I've spoken with 5 representatives and logged about 10+ hours on the phone with verizon, I was supposed to have my service installed on 2/6, they've rescheduled in the last minute twice now.  Its 2/11 and I still don't have service yet.  To make things worse, Verizon just keeps telling me how sorry they are, but they can't seem to show me.  They've offered little to no adjustment of my bill, and won't escalate the situation to speed things up even though they've been at fault.  Here's the full story:

I ordered the double play gig internet + custom tv package.  Service was scheduled for 2/6/2018


It's 10 am:  The technician came that day (my roommate was home to meet him), he installed the WRONG service, downgrading to 100mbps interenet, and increasing my monthly bill $10/month.

I called verizon as soon as I found out.  The representative told me she was sorry and that she was going to fix the issue right away.  When I asked if they could send the technician back, she told me she wasn't sure.  She said she needed to call me back.  I was at work and had a busy day.  I asked her to call me AFTER 12pm.  She said okay.  Before I hung up, I asked them to confirm again for me that the service and monthly bill that they were seeing on my account was what I was supposed to have, they said it was.   Gig internet + Custom TV (2 boxes) 124.27/month.

Its 12pm: I get out of my meeting and I see missed calls from verizon.  She called at 11:50.  I made it clear that when I said after 12pm, there was a reason.  Not 11:30, not 11:59, AFTER 12pm.  I call verizon back.  This is now the SECOND verizon rep I'm speaking to.  I had to explain to the representative the whole story again because the first representative did not take (good) notes.  This rep apologized and told me a technician was going to come in the afternoon.  Once again, I asked them to confirm again for me that the service and monthly bill that they were seeing on my account was what I was supposed to have, they said it was.   Gig internet + Custom TV (2 boxes) 124.27/month.  I also asked if the tech could call me an hour before so I could leave work and meet him, the rep said sure.

Its 3:45:  I get out of my work meeting and see a missed call and voicemail.  The representative called at 3:30, he was 10 minutes away.  Funny because I seem to recall asking for an hour notice and the rep telling me "sure".  I tried calling him back for 30-45 minutes straight but he never answered. So I go back to work, going to call verizon back when I'm free again.

Its around 5pm:  I called verizon back, this was now the THIRD representative I was speaking to that day.  Again I had to retell the whole story.  As if it couldn't get any worse, as if I couldn't be any more frustrated since verizon wasted me whole work day, he tells me this, "Oh wow, I don't know what the other representatives did, but your account is all screwed up.  When they tried to fix your order set your service back to what you originally ordered, they did it wrong, it says your first monthly bill will be $300.

At this point I'm furious, but this representative, his name was Ryan, he actually seems compotent.  As I hold back my anger, I ask him to just do whatever it takes to fix this.  Whatever it says on my account, I tell hiim this is what its supposed to be: Gig internet + Custom TV (2 boxes) 119.27/month.  I'd confirmed it with the 2 other representatives, and they said yes thats what it is.  They either LIED or were just that INCOMPOTENT.  Ryan apoligized, and he said not to worry, he was going to fix this.  He conferred with his manager and a few other people.  Fast forward 3 hours.

Its now 8pm:  and Ryan finally thinks hes fixed it.  We had to cancel my order and account, and start over.  The only available schedule for isntallation was Saturday 2/10.  I was furious they couldn't do it soon, since Verizon screwed up, but that was the best he could do.  He also knocked off $5/month (oh gee thanks..).  I was at least content that Ryan was compotent enough to finally resolve my issue.  I thanks hiim for his hard work, and once again confirmed.  service and monthly bill that they were seeing on my account was what I was supposed to have Gig internet + Custom TV (2 boxes) now 119.27/month.  And I confirmed that installation will be Saturday 1pm-5pm.


Its 3:30pm:  Verizon was supposed to come between 1-5pm today.  They were going to give me an hour notice.  Its 3:30 and still no verizon.  I call.  This is the FOURTH I'm now speaking to.  I tell them that I am expecting a technician to come.  They look up my account and tell me that the technician will be coming between 1pm-5pm.  The rep tells me not worry.  I tell him okay, just wanted to make sure the technician was still coming.

Its 5:30pm:  Technician never came or called.  I call verizon.  My rep's name is Paul.  He's the FIFTH rep I'm speaking too.  At this point I'm furious.  I tell Paul that I've had a terrible experience with Verizon, and I don't blame him but I'm tired of speaking with the representatives that pick up the phone.  I want a manager.  He tells me they are in a meeting...very convineint.  Again I demand a manager, he says he'll see if he can find one.  2 minutes later, he says he doesn't see any.  Ok fine, Paul lets see if you can help me.  I tell him I was expecting a technician, I called to confirm was was coming 2 hours ago, no one came.  Paul looks up my account and says there was an issue on it, thats why they never came.  I asked him if that issue was on my account all day, he said yes.  Ok so when rep 4 told me everything was ok and the tech was coming, that was just a lie?  My frustration and stress level are through the roof.  I tell Paul I don't care what he has to do, Verizon needs to fix this.  They need to send a technician over here NOW.  We'll Paul was so sorry.  I've already lost count of the number of times I was apologized too.  He rescheduled the appointment to today 2/11/2018, 11am - 3pm.  Before I hung up, I asked Paul, "I've never experienced such terrible customer service.  And, all I hear is how sorry everyone is.  instead of being sorry, can verizon fix my issue and actually SHOW ME that they are sorry.  How about a reduction in my bill, a free 3 months, anything to show me that they are actually SORRY at they screwed up, that they VALUE me as a customer and they don't want to lose my business, and that this is NOT a common occurence for them?"  He said he'll see what he can do, I'm not holding my breath.


Its 11am:  Verizon is supposed to come but as you might now imagine, I'm not optimistic.  So I'm writing this hoping that SOMEHOW I'll finally get the service that I'm trying to pay for, and Verizon might actually show me that they are sorry, instead of telling my a thousand times. 

Its 12pm:  I'm still writing and still no Verizon.  I can't get them on the phone because I guess customer service takes a break on Sunday?  If my service doesn't get installed today, I'm cancelling.  And I'm cancelling my Verizon wireless.  And I'm NEVER giving verizon my business again. 

Re: Absolute nighmare experience with Verizon customer service, issue still not resolved
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.