All my services down for a week?

After power was restored at my house on Friday night I found that none of my FIOS services worked.  I went online and was led to beleive that I was just one of many after seeing an outage map. After checking with other FIOS customers around me it turned out I was the only one in my neighborhood without service. 

         After a few hours of troubleshooting using Verizon's websites it seems the issue is most likely in Verizon equipment in my house.

        After a total of 3 hours holding and talking on the phone with a rep., the earliest appointment I can get is Friday! A few hours shy of one week with no phone, internet or TV! 

          How can I get a better response?  I am locked in for another year by contract or I would migrate away at once. I can and will leave my Verizon mobil service where I am not under a contract but that does not address my issue. Or would anyone know of a way to get out of the remaining year on my contract so I can change vendors? TIA

Re: All my services down for a week?
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Community Leader

Couple of comments:

1) I would expect that a number of vendors are having long delays because the widespread damage.

2) You can either see if another provider will pay your ETF or you can pay the ETF yourself.

3) May not be much of a consolation, but do make sure you ask for credit fo time without service.