Angry Verizon Manager (video included)

Hello Everyone,

On Nov 2 2021, as a Anniversary Gift for my wife, I decided to go with your company as a new wireless customer. The phone number is xx-xxx-xxxx (transferred from ATT to Verizon ). I ask for current promotion and was offered a 600 dollar discount for a iphone 12 256gb if i open an account by one of the employees. We were inform the total cost was 376 dollars and is due during phone activation. I had to come back Nov 4 (thursday) to pick up the phone. My wife and I came to the location at 6pm on Nov 4. The previous employee who handled the transaction wasnt there, so we got greeted by the Manager. 
He handed us the phone in the box, and said its activated. I am not phone tech savy, so I said do we just turn it on and its activated? He said Yes. As he rung up the cost, he said I owe 900+ dollars, I said that shouldnt ne as we were offered a 600 dollar discount. He called the previous employee and handed me the phone? This was a bit alarming as they customer care agents should handle this not customer to staff. But the other employee said yea, theres a discount. As the manager rung us out, he gave us the receipt with the new iphone 12 still in the unpackage box.
My wife said that was strange, so we waited in the car to ensure the manager did everything correctly. We turn on the New Iphone 12 phone but it wasnt Activated as Instant like the manager said, and the receipt said I paid 376 dollars but finance 600 dollars with a total of 900+ dollars. Unsure of the invoice and activation I went back to the office.
When I ask the manager, he told me I need to call Verizon to activate and provide them the previous  carrier information. I was confused as I thought the phone number transfer was already transferred. Then he said youll get text from Verizon on the new phone and follow the process. I sat there as I didnt see any txt, and wonder how I would get the text if it wasnt activated and my wifes old phone still worked. Then he says it takes 48 hours to activate. Which is conflicting information.
The manager became irate and said why are you still here. Puzzled, I ask I am just making sure If i receive the text. He then said whats so difficult and I should go. He then said “Youre Military? I worry about those people” Thats when I knew I need to record him as he was already being rude and disrespectful.
I did nothing to cause alarm, and he tried to call the police but hung up after he knew he was out of line. He displayed an ego while bullying me. I decided to just get a refund and exit the toxic situation. When I left He gave me the finger multiple times.
As my wife and I was driving we notice our old phone no longer works. Then we knew the new phone we just returned works that has all of her work contacts. Scared that the manager would cause or use that information for mischief, I went to another retailer to get a new verizon Sim card for the phone number xxx-xx-x which is now with Verizon so atleast the phone that was returned cant be used.
This was successful but I am worried I lost the 600 discount promotion .
The next day, 
In addition to calling customer care support via email, I went to the corporate verizon store on Nov 4, 2021. I explained to them the situation. They tried to help but could not do anything as in their system it showed that I did not return the phone. In order to start the process over, retrieve my phone number back (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and then re-order a new phone with current promotions, the invoice with the phone that I returned (Iphone 12 GB) has to show it is cleared. IN the video you can clearly see I returned the phone. Even though the managers are very respectful and trying to help, the solution here is still very slow.
5 Days later I am still without a phone and the phone number is still stuck with verizon, its been a week and My wife still has no phone to use for work. The experience has been very very challenging, and I am still worried the employee still have access to customer care information.
The "executive" team and customer care was suppose to reach me to update me on the situation, but still have no update.
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