Another Rep

I almost didn’t go with Verizon when i moved, last time we renewed our contract, we got our first bill and it was higher than stated and we didn’t get the free gift card. It took 4 months to get this resolved because I couldn’t get to talk to a manager.

This time, after we moved, I asked for the lowest package available as were having my wife’s grandfather move in and need to save money. The rep from "America" that I couldn’t understand said, well if you want TNT and Spike you will need to upgrade for $10. She then quoted me a price of $98. This I can do. Under a $100 is what we were looking for; we were debating not getting all three to save money. The install was another issue, because they kept rejecting a number transfer, they tried rescheduling us for two weeks later. After several hours of waiting for that, we got a time only 3 days later. When we finally got to watch TV after about a week and a half. No Spike, no TNT. We call up and they want us to pay more. They can’t pull up the records of the lady we talked to at first and we can have the channels for another $10. I know it’s only $10, but I was quoted a price and asked several times that it was correct. Besides that, I didn’t ask for them, she offered them, how did she forget to add them on after that.

Does anyone else have these issues? It seems like every time I change something on my service, I end up having to spend hours to convince someone that it is not correct. Is it one of those deals where they add or subtract stuff on purpose to see if you’ll jump through the hoops to get it taken off?