Are there any human beings that work at verizon?
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Not sure where to put this, because frankly, this is the most insane level of customer disservice I've ever experienced.

I've recently bought a home and I'm going through the process of getting my utilities set up. The last on my list is TV and Internet, and I've always wanted to try FIOS. I'm not even sure if FIOS is offered in my area, so I figure, I'll just go to the FIOS page and see.


First, I use the "Check Availability" link to enter my address. This tells me that the the website was "unable to continue my order" and to call 1-800-VERIZON.

Okay I think, I'll just go the old fashion route and speak to a person.

wrong again.

I call 1-800-VERIZON and all I get is a robot telling me to enter my verizon wireless number. I DON'T HAVE A NUMBER, THAT IS WHY I'M CALLING IN THE FIRST PLACE. The robot then proceeds to apologize, and hangs up on me. a very rude robot to say the least.

Okay I think, I'll just go back to the website and look up a different number.

wrong again, that's the only number that appears ANYWHERE.

Okay I think, I'll just click this "chat" button to chat with a person.

wrong again!!! this time I go through the steps to set up a chat, only to finally be told "sorry, chat is broken at this time, please call 1-800-VERIZON" !!!!!!


at this point I can't even GIVE YOU MY MONEY. does verizon even want new customers??

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When you're at the phone system's main menu, press "0" or say Agent to get a hold of someone rather than go through the typical means of reaching the Billing/Sales department. Even if the person who picks up when you do this method is not in Sales, they should be able to send you off to the right place. It's what I have done when I have a simple, generic question to ask or cannot get through.

As far as seeing if FiOS is available, see if any of your neighbors use it or if their addresses show up as having FiOS. If they have an ONT on the side of their home or in the basement, it's a very good sign of a database error on Verizon's part. Sometimes, Verizon's website likes to throw up errors, so trying again might also give you an answer.

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Am there doing that trying to get a live person.

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Let's see ...

I dial "1-800-Verizon"

Asks for number or account number "or if I don't have one, press pound".

Press pound

"OK to get you to the right person ... enter zip code ...

Now I follow the menu prompts to indicate I want new service, Fios, for my home ... system transfers me ...

20 second later -- not minutes, not hours -- a live customer service agent answers the phone.

Not sure where the problem is there ....