Arrogant and inappropriate Verizon FIOS Response-Verizon FIOS SCAM


I signed up for new Verizon FIOS triple play service in June 2017. I put a triple play order to Verizon Fios and was confirmed from a verizon sales represtative that I would were a $ 300 gift card with the $79.99/month for first year and $89.99 for the second year. However, the gift card was never delivered to me. So a sales person from Verizon Fios informed me that I was qualified for  $300 gift card.  when I contacted represtative and their supervisors at Verizon FIOS customer service and promotion departments, respectively. Supervisors at each departement kept to insist no such a promotion, made me wait more than one and a half hours by transfering again and again between customer service and promotion department, and offered a verizon wireless gift card of $250 very rudely at last minutes.

It was like, "Take it with this gift card, you will get nothing! Appreciate my favor."

But I could not accept a verizon wireless gift card of $250 because it was not originally offered to me. I got a different promotion and those supervisor looked lik not believing and acceptting my statement  and request. Even they did not provide any contact info and rejected further investigation request. 

I have requested a cancelation request on my Verizon Fios service with no penalty charge but my request has been rejected so far. 

Today I found  not only another promotion letter mailed from a Verizon FIOS executive director to me at that time but also a July 2017 VERIZON FIOS bill which shows my July 19, 2017 payment and new payment amount for Aug 2017. 

Another promotion letter as a due date-July 18, 2017 was sent to me for a two-year  triple play service contract with the $74.99/month for first year and $79.99 for the second year. 

Who is going to pay $180 more over less payment offer from Verizon Fios ? I could save  if I took the latter offer from Verizon Fios. Do you have any one who received same offer, a $300 gift card promotion, at that time  in NY/NJ area.

Could you please give your advice to respond such rude responses from Verizon? 

I am not complaining about their techincal service but their unprofessional and in appropriate responses. It is a surprise there is no further complaint process at Verizon Fios. I hope Verizon CEO office see this complaint.

Verizon, can you hear me? Isn't it used for your ad?imageimage

Thank you for your attention.

from  a long-time verizon wireless customer/subscriber for Verizon Fios triple play

Re: Arrogant and inappropriate Verizon FIOS Response-Verizon FIOS SCAM
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.