Asking for HELP!!!

I'm disabled so I can not crawl around on the floor or move the cabinet that the router/modem is located. This seems to irritate the help desk and they contiually tell me that if they have to send someone to my house they  will have to charge me. Sorry I'm disabled.

I call and tell them that I'm having trouble getting on the internet but when I do get on it is very fast. So the next thing that happens is that they will tell me over and over that if I'm having trouble with the speed they can do a speed test. I try to explain that it is not the speed that is the problem. It never seems to sink in. Then they tell me that they can see my router and how long I've had it turned on and that the system is currently working and no one else is having a problem. So if they send someone out I will be charged! Wow, thanks for the help and the threat. 

I know that I'm the ignorant customer, they have made that very clear, but I do know something about these issues. I owned a multi-location business that was connected over the internet and had modems in each location. I know that just because the internet is working and all the other locations are working that one location can have a problem all their own. This doesn't seem to be an option to the help desk. I can't have a problem if everyone else is fine!?!? And because I'm disabled and can't crawl around on the floor and un-plug their equipment then I will get charged if someone comes out to look at my issue.

Maybe I should stop the auto payments and when they call about not getting their payment I can tell them I don't have a problem with the upgrades and when they say they are calling about the payment I can repeat that I don't have a problem with the upgrade. When the tell me again that I missed a payment I can tell them that all my neighbors made their payments so I must have made mine. When they insist that I make a payment I can tell them that I will charge them because they are so insistant in wanting a payment. 

I pay on time every month and I pay quite a bit and all I want in return is reliable service and help when there is a problem with that service. I don't want a fight I just want help. 

I have read many complaints and I see that many people have trouble with the help desk. Maybe if the attitude on the help desk was that not all customers are the same would help with the issues. They can tell me over and over that they are there to help me but if they do not help me then it doesn't matter how many times they tell me they will help me. Just help me!

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Re: Asking for HELP!!!
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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.

If you can tell us what your problem is some of us might be able to offer suggestions about how to fix it without having to touch the equipment.  Be sure to tell us what type of service you have.  Is it FiOS, DSL or something else?  Remember, we readers only know what you tell us about.

Good Luck.

Re: Asking for HELP!!!
Customer Service Rep

Hi brmjr,

Glad that we could assist you over the phone. As Todd advised to you, we will touch base with you again to make sure that everything is ok.

Should you have any other issues, please let us know.