Astronomical fees and poor service

We left Verizon 10 years ago because of the fees but wanted to return because of the quality of service we remembered.  Since restarting, we have had one bad experience after another.  Is this the new normal for Verizon?

We shifted our package with our church internet because they were charging more for slower service.  Once we switched the church started getting bill after bill with new charges.  We were calling once a month for billing errors.  Nine months later it finally seems sorted. 

Before the fiasco at church we started Verizon internet at home and the service was initially good but has gotten progressively poorer in the past six months.

We should have been on guard, but in January we switched to Verizon wireless because of very poor reception from each of other families' other three carriers after a move.  In less than a month the phones were off for failure to pay, and when we paid the $500+ bill, we were told that the promo the store promised didn't exist and that we were being accessed a $20/line late fee.  Thinking it was a store glitch we persevered and now have a $300+ monthly bill instead of a $140 month bill as promoted. 

Did I mention the service still drops when driving on the beltway?  I know Verizon is huge, but does it actually care about "the little people?"  I haven't selected a new business line yet, but I can tell you which provider just dropped to the bottom of the list.

Unhappy in the DMV

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Re: Astronomical fees and poor service
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