Attempt to get better rates for long time customer of Triple Play package.
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For the past 4 weeks I have been attempting to have Verizon do the right thing and assist a long time customer with better rates! The CS folks that answer the phone are rude and could care less that I am currently paying 262 dollars a month for the lowest triple play package. 

Weeks back I set up for Verizon tech services to come to my home bc we had no internet and our router was not responding.  They said they would call 30 mins prior to arriving.  They failed to do so and we missed the service call.  They refused to return that day.My neighbor works for Verizon and had an extra router he hooked it up and we have been borrowing it ever since. 

Since that day I have called multiple times to address the issue.  I get long hold times and promises that they wll return my calls and nothing has been done.  I have ask to speak to managers and no one will get on the phone.  I have for names of managers who refused to speak with me and they have told me its company policy that they can not give their names out.

Today again I attempted to call.  I was told they could lower my bill by 30$ but I have to sign a new 2 year contract.  The phone call started at 12pm, CS rep {edited for privacy} was suppose to call me back in 1 hour to get approval to give me further discounts.  He called me back at 730 pm and wanted to explain why he couldn;t give any further discount.

I think veriszon is greedy and overwhlemed with terrible CS reps that DO NOT listen to the customer.  If it wasnt for the fact that I dont want to deal with restarted a new service with brighthouse we would be gone. 

How do I find out who takes complaints and listens to the customer for once!!!!

Re: Attempt to get better rates for long time customer of Triple Play package.

Hahaha good luck getting anyone in this company to even pretend to care about you. I have been dealing with a similar issue for months now and have been getting the run around and false promises. The only advice I can give is to learn from your mistakes, as I have, and don't expect much from this greedy corporation.

Try a smaller internet provider who may cost a little more money but actually cares about their customers maybe....

Re: Attempt to get better rates for long time customer of Triple Play package.
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I can't imagine why you are paying $262 for the lowest triple play package.

I don't pay that for Ultimate TV, 75/75 Internet and Digital voice.

I have all Premiums plus Quantum Premium service with 3 IPCs.

Yes I do have a 2 year contract.

What level of TV service do you have?


How many STBs?

Of course you will always get a better deal with a 2 year contract, but not that much compared to what I pay.

You can try calling and say uou want to cancel your service.

You may get better deals if they transfer you to retention department.

Any chance you can post your charges?