Auto-pay button doesn't work

Just got Verizon recently after a move, so new to the website & service.  I was trying to set up auto pay and found a website problem but nowhere to report it to Verizon.. hopefully they read the forum, lol, 'cause the 'contact' pages allow lots of self-help but no 'contact' unless I'm missing something. Anyway....

Using Windows 7 & Chrome browser, on this page, the "manage auto pay" button doesn't work if you click it, but it works if you do  right-click -> open in new tab/window:

And when I did a forum search for "auto pay button", it showed a button for auto-pay that worked just fine.

I know it's a progrmming issue for Chrome because it works in other browsers. I don't know why I like Chrome, knowing it shares and captures everything I do, but I do.