Avoid Signing Up For Fios

If you are thinking of signing up for Fios (I switched from Comcast). DON'T DO IT. 

Here's my experience. 

My contract on Comcast was up and after having another kid, decided to explore switching to FIOS to save a few bucks. They sent me a letter explaining they had a fantastic offer with an add'l $5 off promotion code if I signed up by 9/27/16. 

I called in on 9/24 and signed up. They sent me a confirmation email which they told me to "click on to agree". I noted that it didn't include all the discounts they promised and waiving of the installation fee which she agreed to. The response was "my system won't allow me to add that until 30 days after you are a customer", but I will send you a confirmation in email. I took that as a sign they would honor it. They sent me a vague email that said they would "go back in and apply the discounts" but didn't specify what was agreed. 

A few days later just before I was about to get installation, I wrote a confirmation email to the rep outlining the full agreement and asked her to write back to confirm... so I would have it in writing. She never responded. 

I called in to tell them to cancel the installation if I didn't have it in writing, the rep told me they had all the notes in the system and assured me it would be fine and only a system limitation that they couldn't apply it now. I took them for their word and got it installed. 

30 days later, the installation cost was removed, but the discounts never showed up. I called in to see what happened, they told me they could apply it "after a year" but couldn't do it now (system limitation). I told them the code I had and they said it "expired" 4 days after I got it installed and I couldn't now get it applied. 

I asked them to go back to the phone call (which is recorded per their own message) so we can confirm what was promised. The rep said it is recorded for training purposes, but I wasn't allowed to access it. 

I asked if I could just cancel service... they said since I was a customer for longer than 30 days, my two year contract had kicked in and I would have to pay a termination fee. 

Just to have some more fun, when they did the install, the tech screwed in an external box into my trim board (everyone else has it directly into the siding). It split the board and cost $150 extra to repair. 

Never in a million years did I think I would be writing a message telling people to actually stay with a company like Comcast (which has a history of terrible service), but it can't get much worse than what Verizon did to me. Avoid them like the plague, they will tell you anything to sign up. 

Re: Avoid Signing Up For Fios

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