Aweful Cust Service

I can't understand the foolishness I have encountered attempting to transfer my services. I was with another company before moving to a location that would Only allow Verizon ( can we say  "secret monopoly"? I hated certain features of Verizon, to begin with, but I grew accustomed to the cluddered menu. I am moving soon and called to have the service transferred. As I type, I have been on hold for 15 mins, trying to cancel my order. I can order online, but not cancel. Hmm, I see.

 I have spoken to 2 different CSR, whom had NO idea how to help me. It takes 10 days to transfer service? WHAT?!? Verizon also requested that I return my equipment (which is fine, no issues) to get new equipment. Why? Are they needing updated tracking? Hmmm. Anyway, it should NEVER be this HARD to simply transfer services. I am moving within the SAME zipcode!!!!! Absolutely, one of the worst CS experiences of MY LIFE. Thank God for other options. UUUGHGG!!!! I am returning to the company I left.