Awful Sales Team

I wish someone to read this and start to think about the sales team.

Back in August 2021, the Verizon sales rep told me that I can combine two bills into one bill. Which is a great idea since we have multiple bills; wireless, analog phone, and the Internet. Long story short, I got a call every month telling me I need to pay the bill in order to keep up the Internet connection which is not available to pay but on the phone. Anyway, I finally see the bill together on 1/28/2022 and was able to pay.

Now, the rep told me that I can save $100s adding two services in one, I said, yes. That was a no-no! The next day I lost my Internet connection. She put that on new order and Verizon disconnect the current Internet and put in a new order with new equipment (which is new ONT) and it hangs on their system due to the fact that our analog line can’t be converted to digital. The order is canceled but we still have no Internet! 2/1/2022 The Verizon Tech came out and can’t do any but call manager to sort this out.  He told me they need to issue a ticket internally to reroute now he is gone and has no update. 2/2/2022 mid 12, I still have no Internet!  When I call back to the same tech, “oh, it is not working yet!”  What a great service you have! I couldn't wait so I called again and explain from start, and the lady who seems know how to get his fix and was able to get back online! So what is this? why she can fix the other few techs can't? We have relied on the Internet for everything, all file-sharing online, VOIP phone, and emails. 100% online and we lost two days of Internet middle of the business hour. Anyway, this is all start from a mindless sales rep! According to the local tech who visited my office telling me, this happens all the time. Is the sales team working on a commission or something, so they don't care as long as push the order? Verizon fix this!