BEWARE! I've been with VZ for 13 years & they did this to me!
As the title says, I've been with VZ for 13 long years. For the past 2 years I have been on the 75/75 internet only plan for $64.99. Last month I noticed that the monthly went up for $5 and I realized that it was because my contract has ended, and they took a discount away. So, I called them on Monday and was so ready to sign up for another 2 years and get the $5 discount back.

But the agent said she had a better deal for me.
100Mbps for $39.99 a mo. OK, I took that.
Later that night at home, I happened to see that they have a plan for 300Mbps for the same price. I wondered why mine was only 100Mbps. So yesterday, Tue, I logged on to my VZ account to chat with someone.

This new agent offered me a deal that I couldn't resist:

gigabit connection,
free router and 1 extender rental,
Gig Loyalty discount,
auto-pay discount,
free shipping and handling on equipment,
free installation,
upgrade fee waived.

All these, for a total (tax and fees included, she said) for only $59.99.
I asked her twice to confirm everything. And she confirmed, twice, that $59.99 would be the price and all the discounts will be permanent as long as I stay with the plan.
I took the deal and scheduled for installation.

Before I ended the chat, I asked her why I didn't get an email for me to review the order which I have to click on it to approve the order (like the one they sent me on Monday with the first deal). She said there is no need for that. This becomes important as the story goes on.

This morning, I got an order confirmation email from them, saying my monthly for the plan I agreed on yesterday would be $89.99. WHAT? Not $59.99!!!!

So, I log in to chat with them again. I got nothing but runarounds from the agent. Long story short, here is what they told me.

(1) The price would be $89.99.
(2) No Loyalty Discount like she told me.
(3) Claim that they don't see in that chat anywhere that $59.99 was ever quoted. (NOT true, I copies the chat before I ended it).
(5) Saying that there should have been an email with the $59.99 quote if it was the offer, but they cannot find such email. (She told me there wasn't a need to an email confirmation).
(6) Basically, they will not honor what she offered me.

So, to summarize, I was wronged TWICE.
First, the Monday agent sold me a 100Mbps plan for $39.99 when they have a 300Mbps plan for the same price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second, the Tue agent sold me a Gigabit plan for $59.99 but they wouldn't honor the agent's offer and insist to charge me $89.99 for that.

I cancelled the Gigabit order and am now thinking to switch to other providers. I am in DC, so, we have Comcast and RCN to choose from. And tomorrow, I probably will have to talk to them again to make sure they haven't accidentally cancelled my service all together (instead of just cancelling the problematic order).

Let my experience be the lesson: DON'T agree to anything until you get the email to review it.
Verizon, SHAME ON YOU!
Re: BEWARE! I've been with VZ for 13 years & they did this to me!

Hi RappaportArt,

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