What i dont understand is how the customer service reps do not have weekend hours. It seems to me that that would be more important. People work during the week and sometimes the weekend is the only time they have to sit on hold for an hour. My normally $225 bill was almost $400 for ONE month. When looking at the bill they charged two separate reconnection fees. One $94 and another for $50. It makes no sense & instead of being able to call & have it out with a representative to get it taken care of & my services turned back on, i now have to wait til god knows when because of my work schedule i cant just sit on the phone. Thank you verizon for once again having the WORST costumer service. Once this is taken care of i am moving to optimum. 

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Well like most companies they don’t have people on weekends out side of emergency services. They open for American customer service at 8 am EDT

however think about your statement. You don’t pay your invoice as agreed, then are now complaining about how terrible Verizon is for not turning your service back on, and that you need to pay late and reconnection fees and Verizon is the bad guy?

Optimum will require you to also pay your monthly invoice. So when they shut you off and require late fees and reconnect fees you are going to say they are terrible customer service?

call on Monday and sort it out. Then pay your invoice on time every time and you won’t have these issues in the future.