Bait and Switch with Pricing
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I had a 2 year contract ending in July 2018 but had a very old router.  I called to see if I could upgrade the router and keep my pricing and services the same or if I had to wait until July.  A customer service rep in December said she could match the pricing, install the new router and put me in a new 2 year agreement at same price.  She told me the credits would be applied after the service because that is how it works.  I had current credits on my old plan so was familiar with that but still weary.  But she worked it all out to the penny and told me what to pay on my next bill (less than full amount).  I got new router but billing has been wrong since.  First call they had to "look into it" and would call me back.  No call back but received a video showing me my much higher rate.  Called  again.  Told they would need a superviosr and would call me back at 2:30 that afternoon.  No call.  Called again that evening and got a recording that there was a 4 minute wait.  Over an hour an a half later I get a customer service agent (I have screen shots of my wait time).  She said they did call at 2:30.  I said my phone is through Verizon and to look at my phone log and see there was no call to me.  Oh, they said they did but I guess they didn't.  Exactly!!!  She can't help me but will transfer me to a supervisor.  I wait 4 HOURS!!!  And then phone disconnects.  No call back even though they have my number.  I call again the next day and was told it will be escallated.  Nope, no call back.  How is this even legal???

Re: Bait and Switch with Pricing

Google your states Public Utilities/Service Commission or board and file a complaint with them.

or look up your states Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint with them.

either or both agencies have regulatory authority over Verizon Communications which is the parent for Fios internet, tv and phone as well as wireless.

They can get right to they need to assist you.

Re: Bait and Switch with Pricing
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.