Bait and Switch
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In March, I agreed to renew my contract for 2 years, at the current time I had a discount on my account that was not set to expire for 4 months.  The Rep, Dennis agreed to honor the discount with a credit over the next 4 mos.  On top of that he agreed to extend the discount once it had expired, all I had to do was call back speak with a rep and the note would be on the account to honor this discount.

I just got off the phone with Verizon, who refuses to honor the discount and says they cannot trust my word therefore they cannot honor the discount as was promised.  I asked them to review the recording of the phone conversation I had with the rep in March and they said not all calls are recorded and those that are would be deleted by now.  The supervisor, Ed was extremely condescending and had no interest in listening to me, only asking me over and over again if I had it in writing, which I did not.  He said he would speak to the rep Dennis and have Dennis call me back; I asked for him to send me that in writing, but he refused!

I would not have re-upped my contract without the discount promised, the lack of respect and basic customer service, especially by a supervisor is appalling.

I am not holding my breath to hear back from Dennis or Ed...

I will look elsewhere, I know Altice One is offering to buy out contracts if you switch, i unfortunately will have to look there, after 10 years, I thought when Verizon said 'Valued Customer' they actually meant it.  This situation has proven otherwise.

Re: Bait and Switch
Hi ajb8,

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