Be aware - completely dishonest sales tactics

If you are considfering ordering Fios or simply changing your product and services please be aware that you CAN NOT trust anything agent tells you.

Here is an example of the latest scam (among many) I experienced:

I was promised a $15 discount on my service  - when i receive my bill estimate it was actually $40 more and it had all kind of stuff I did not order

2 agents i talked to could not cancel/revert wrong order stating there is nothing they can do.

Luckily this is exact amount I need to terminate my contract and never deal with this crap.

Verizon you should be embarassed - this kind of dishonest sales tactics is really not the way to win customers

Re: Be aware - completely dishonest sales tactics
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Sadly, it seems like Verizon support has very little ability to modify/adjust things in the system when they go wrong.

I'm still waiting to see if they can fix my issue - basically had a Triple Play contract, upgraded to a higher Internet tier (and told it to retain my current contract); figured out the extra speed isn't worth the huge bump in price then it went downhill and they renewed my contract and say they can't actually fix it, I can stay with it as is, or go to month-to-month and lose all my promo's/discounts.

Good luck if you decide to try and get your situation sorted out.

Re: Be aware - completely dishonest sales tactics
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Yes, I understand how you folks feel  I'm in a similar situation.   I am at the point of going back to comcast.  Verizon should be embarrassed about not trying to retain new customers.