Been two years since I have had to think about this wretched company


Verizon bought up GTE more than twenty years ago. When my father died and I inherited this house, it was Verizon or nothing, because they owned the "copper" wire into the house.

FIOS was first offered here at this location in 2021. Twenty years I was forced to pay market price for "high speed internet" when my upload/download speed was always 1/20th of what Verizon advertised. 

I don't know or care if Verizon even offers "copper" phone service; that's what their techs refer to what we used to call a phone line. 

The local cable company brought FIOS in, finally, and I was able to ditch Verizon. 

They strung me out on tech support, people from overseas talking with accents I did not understand, asking me to tear apart my BIOS and a dozen settings on my computer to look for a problem that, for two decades, was purely a function of the length of the wire Verizon was providing into my house. 

They couldn't give me what they advertised, and I could not switch because, without FIOS from any other provider, no alternative. 

It wasn't until I found records of my own phone bills that I even thought about Verizon since I was able to dump them, and I wanted to leave a note on their own servers that they abused and lied to one of their customers for almost twenty years, and that was just fine to them. 

Good riddance. I wish your CEO could read this, a guy who makes more money per second than I paid into your system for 20 years, and he signed off on all of it, with a smile. It's about the shareholders, not the customers.