Billing Misconception/False Information

My bundle price expired a year before my contract expired, increasing it by $65/month! The person I spoke to last year when I signed up for another two year agreement never told me over the phone that the price would increase after the first year. He just snuck it in the confirmation e-mail after our call was complete. I would have never signed another two year agreement with Fios if I knew this was going to happen. The customer service rep I spoke to today was nice but was only able to lower my monthly bundle fee part way and her supervisor waived the $120 early termination fee if I cancel within the next 30 days. That was "the best they could do". Fios should fix this issue and lower my bundle price to what it was through the end of my current contract. I feel blindsided and am going to cancel my service as soon as possible.

Re: Billing Misconception/False Information
Community Leader
Community Leader

Always read the confirmation email.

They may not have said or they may have said that contract was two years but plan was for 1.

I see a number of TV ads for other providers that have that type of deal.

Of course the details are in the fine print.