Billing overcharge!

The Saturday before last I had problems with my DVR.  After hours of troubleshooting they decided they needed to send a new box.  I was told they were shipping me a new one that would arrive sometime during the week.  I had 30 days to clean off my current dvr and return it.  Two days later they deactivated my current dvr, yet I didn't have the new one.  I lost all my shows and had no tv while waiting for the new box.  They "graciously" gave me a credit of a whopping $5 for the days I didn't have dvr service, but now they're also charging me for an extra dvr!!!!  Has anyone ever experienced this before?  Unfortunately i'm sick and have no voice but I plan on calling as soon as I can speak again.  I'm furious that they're adding a charge for an additional box...and this is the most recent of many calls to Verizon about issues with their cable service and billing!  I'd like to go else where but i'm "stuck" in this **bleep** 2 year contract.  Any suggestions?