Boycott Verizon unless it removes politically biased Fake News from Yahoo!
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Now that Verizon has purchased Yahoo! and for Verizon customers who object to Yahoo! News' spreading of left-wing politcal propaganda or so-called "Fake News," Verizon customers should consider canceling their Verizon and Yahoo! accounts, and use of any Verizon and Yahoo! products and services unless and until Verizon initiates a new policy regarding Yahoo!'s so-called "news" and fires the politically motivated so-called reporters and editors, replacing them with actual trained journalists who employ objectivity in the relaying of facts and only the facts.

Opinions have their places in print journalism--on the op/ed pages of a newspaper or online site where viewpoints are clearly labeled as such to distinguish from factual reporting.

But the best way to give Verizon and Yahoo! a strong message is to just cancel your accounts and switch to other email, Internet, media and telecom  providers, making sure to tell Verizon and Yahoo! exactly why you are ceasing to be their customers.

In my own case, I am already looking into securing another telephone company for my landline service, or may just use a Magic Jack connection after I have obtained a different Internet Service Provider (ISP). I already have two mobile phone services anyway. My more imporrtant issue is obtaining a new ISP. And email services are plentiful.

And regarding this issue of biased reporting by Yahoo! News, I submit the following as evidence (plenty more from where this comes, too) --