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Last year around late May 2016 some yard work was being done in my backyard and my Verizon line got cut, note, it was only about 1 to 2 inches beneath the surface of the dirt. In addition, I had already called and had the lines marked by miss utility before excavating. Upon Verizon inspection i was assured that the line was miss marked/buried and that I would not be billed for any repairs/replacement fees for the line. Now, March of 2017 I recently received a bill from Verizon CMR Claims department stating I owe $567.63. In Addition, not less than two weeks later I receive a letter from a Law office hired by Verizon to assist in collection of these damages/fees stating I must pay within 10 days.

I find I very odd and frustrating that I was never notified by contractor or other Verizon employees that I owe anything, in addition, I was never provided a quote or estimate. In fact all I understood is I owe nothing and was reassured this on multiple occasions from different Verizon employees. 

I am not sure who to speak to about this as I just get shuffled around from customer service member to the next. I need to speak with the CMR claims department Manager or other relevant party so this be resolved immediately.

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Hi Jdingwell765,

Claims Management Resources (CMR) is a Verizon authorized vendor that provides invoicing services to recover Verizon’s cost to repair damage done to the Company’s facilities. This includes but is not limited to:
• Buried and Aerial lines
• Poles
• Conduit and vehicles
CMR can handle disputes of claims directly, and works with the local field office that performed the repair. If you wish to dispute a CMR claim, you may contact them by phone at 1-800-321-4158 or by email at