CMR Drop Line Bogus Bill

imagebroken pole riggedimageimageimageimageimageDowned line that Verizon won't clear but claims that they put it on the pole and wants me to payimageLive line hanging less than five feet off groundimageDown dead line still connected to poleimageDown dead line still connected to poleimageDangling Line, dead and connected to poleimageBox Hanging down where kids can pull on wireimageDowned lines still connected to pole

I responded to a bill that I received from Verizon for so call “Special Project Billing” in the amount of $621.98. I deeniedthat I am liable to pay any such costs for and alleged special project.

            Then CMR sent another bill claiming that owed the money and attached to the bill is a “Cut Drop Billing Form.” In this form the Verizon tech indicates that he met me at his vehicle where I purported to say that I “would cut the rest of the cables that are on the tree line if we do not place them on the po[le].”

I did not make this statement to the tech.

            In May 2019 a strong storm took down a 40 year, huge oak tree in the back yard of my neighbor. The tree tore the line from the pole to my neighbor’s house. It also caused the a number of houses to lose power because when the tree fell it took down the main line that runs behind the houses. The tree did not cause any damage to my property or to any lines running to my house. The fallen tree destroyed my neighbor’s fence and cracked the base of the pole where the lines attach and then run to the respective houses.

            I have the photos that show that the pole was repaired by driving a large piece of wood into the ground and bolting the pole to the brace. The photos also clearly show that the line from the pole to my house run under the ground in a conduit. The photos show the conduit at the base of the pole. The photos also show the back of my house and you can see the absence of any wires or lines attaching to the back of the house. The photos also show that there are lines that pass thought a group of tress. These lines run through the branches. Therefore, if the tech was referring to placing these lines on the pole or clearing these lines then he is mistaken.

            The line that I asked him to remove can be seen in the photos. This line is still hanging from line that is stretched between the poles. You can see that the line is STILL attached above and hanging down to the ground. This is the line that I asked him to remove or attach. He did neither. Again, he is mistaken in his account. This photo alone shows that the tech is engaged in fraudulent billing.

            In addition, the photos show more downed lines that were left behind by Verizon techs. Obviously, he could not have been referring to these lines because they are STILL on the ground.

   When I contacted CMR regarding the lines they threatened to call the FBI. What a sophomoric scare tactic. I will not pay this bill as Verizon did not do any work related to my house. Verizon tech did not take remove the dead lines that are dangling from the live wires. Verizon has left downed wires in place behind these houses for years. Some of their lines are hanging so low that you can touch them from the ground. 

This is terrible customer service that creates a danger to me, my family and the community. 

Re: CMR Drop Line Bogus Bill

Hi Aberdeen,

Claims Management Resources (CMR) is a Verizon authorized vendor that provides invoicing services to recover Verizon’s cost to repair damage done to the Company’s facilities. This includes but is not limited to:
• Buried and Aerial lines
• Poles
• Conduit and vehicles
CMR can handle disputes of claims directly, and works with the local field office that performed the repair. If you wish to dispute a CMR claim, you may contact them by phone at 1-800-321-4158 or by email at