Can't pay bill online

I can't get into my account, the forums are the only service I can access.  Whenever I log into my account I get a message that due to account changes I have to verify my information, either option gives me the error message 'That phone number is already registered to an account'.  Of course it's registed to an account, the same one I've had for 7 years that I've never changed my cell phone number with, it's just not a Verizon cell phone.  I spent 20 minutes holding for Online Support to tell me they can't help me, please call eservices.  I call eservices, wait 20 minutes, they tell me that they'll reset my password - oops - they disconnected me.  I call back, wait 20 more minutes, have the rep reset my password - doesn't change a thing.  I go to another computer, reset the web browser clearing all traces of cache/cookies/add-ons - same error.  She says she'll submit a support ticket - I ask for the support ticket number.  I've been working in IT for 18 years, if she's submitting a ticket there's a **bleep** number somewhere to identify that the ticket has been submitted.  She can't give me a ticket number.  She can't tell me when this problem will be looked into.  If I pay via phone I'll be charged an extra fee.  If I pay in-store I'll be charged an extra fee - this blows my mind.  Pay by mail she says.  I don't have a paper bill and I can't log into my bloody account, how am I supposed to do that?!  Where do I send the payment?!  Verizon has absolutely horrid customer service.


Re: Can't pay bill online
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