Canceling services

Verizon has been completely unreasonable while I was trying to cancel my services. Our apartment has not had internet access since 8/22. We had tech support opening and closing tickets that same day and in the following days, "thinking" they had solved the problem, when in fact our internet would just go out again the next day. On 8/27 we got someone to send a tech out for later in the week. When the tech arrived, he said that he could not solve our problem and we would need to have some one else come, and once again verizon closed the ticket without giving us wifi back or setting up someone else who could actually solve the problem. While I canceled my services over the phone, I was not happy about paying for the past months services since I have not had access the whole time. The woman I talked to said she could only take off costs for the 27-30th when we had our longest ticket open. It is not my fault that the tickets were wrongly closed and we did not have internet access for weeks. We have been veru unhappy with this customer service and the attempts to resolve our problem. We have moved services elsewhere. 

Re: Canceling services
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Hi anm,

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